Putrified J - Hopeless [Remastered] (2015)

Putrified J - Hopeless [Remastered] (2015)
Band: Putrified J
Album: Hopeless
Type: Remastered
Released: October 31, 2015
Genre: Brutal Death Metal / Slamming Brutal Death Metal
Country: International (Belgium / United States)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Independent


01. Hopeless
02. Dirt Road Rapist
03. Slaughtered Whores (feat. Nephrectomy)
04. Chaos Prevails
05. Cuntbreaker
06. Neverending Pain
07. Chaos Prevails Remix (feat. Splattered Entrails)
08. Trashbag Slam (Bonus Track)
09. Exit Humanity (feat. Myocardial Infarction) (Bonus Track)
10. Killed, Mutilated, Skinned (Bonus Track)
11. Maggot Infested (feat. Disfigurement Of Flesh) (Bonus Track)
12. Cadaver (Bonus Track)
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