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V/A - French Folk Metal The Compilation (2014)

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Duration: 1 H
Quality: mp3 | VBR V0
Download: http://ouo.io/ZU1xuA

Band: V/A
Album: French Folk Metal The Compilation
Released: 2014
Genre: Folk-Death Metal | Folk Metal | Pagan Metal | Viking Metal
Country: France
Label: Independent


1.Yrzen - Ragnarök : The Day of Wolves
2.An Norvys - The Crowd and the Crown
3.Bor - Pagan Anthem
4.TOLK - The Death of the Wolves (instrumental)
5.Pitkan Matkan - Viking Metal Power
6.Dur Dabla - Dremmwel
7.Sjuk - Time has come
8.Haeredium - Mirage
9.Drakwald - Diving in the Depth of Agony
10.Konungar - Springfest
11.Drenaï - Keepers of the Pride
12.Skarn - Ar C'Hastiz
13.Foghorn - Notre Rage Sera Leur Mort

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i don't know how i found that but is the best folk-metal album that i ever seen